Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summer has left, Fall has come, and Winter will be blowing it's way up the Gorge any time after Thanksgiving. Visitors have come and gone just like the changing seasons. Halloween was spooky and strange more Fellini than Charlie Brown this year. Maybe it was because the kids are so much older. We carved pumpkins, but not quite the same as in the years before. Our house is quiet these days all except for the sound of chirping birds. The days of heavy paws on the hardwood floors has ended for now. No heavy sighs, snoring, or woofs to greet you when you open the front door. This will change of course sometime in the future, but not the near future. It's funny how you can feel as if you are floating through life observing everything from above at one moment, and the next moment the weight of the world rests upon your shoulders slowly burying your feet into the Earth until you reach the point of feeling more tree than bird. This to I hope will change with time as well. But for now it looks to be a long December as The Counting Crows sing